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Bendigo Bank's Business Finance Solutions can help you make sense of your business cash flow puzzles.

Bendigo Bank's Business Finance Solutions team comprises a specialist cash flow team for debtor finance, equipment finance and trade finance facilities.

Debtor Finance

Bendigo Bank enables small to medium sized businesses to access their cash otherwise tied up in unpaid sales invoices, supporting their growth by providing them with prompt, consistent and reliable cash flow.

From invoice discounting to disclosed partnership arrangements, Bendigo Bank’s Debtor Finance Solutions
deliver flexible lines of credit that increase with sales. This means businesses get fast access to the cash they need to fund their day-to-day operations and growth.

Prior to April 2013, Bendigo Debtor Finance was offered through Oxford Funding, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bendigo Bank and a debtor finance specialist since 1994.

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Equipment Finance

Bendigo Bank's Equipment Finance can help you to free up your cash flow for more efficient working capital purposes.

Bendigo Bank can organise finance for a wide range of items, including:

  • cars, utilities and light commercial vehicles
  • trucks and buses
  • forklifts, cranes and earthmoving equipment
  • computing and office equipment
  • printing, medical and manufacturing equipment
  • industrial plant equipment.

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Trade Finance

If your business involves the import and export of goods or services, Bendigo Bank can work with you to maximise your international business opportunities.

Bendigo Bank's International Trade Managers assist with documentary letters of credit, documentary collections, import/export finance, telegraphic transfers, foreign currency drafts, tender, bid and performance bonds and guarantees.

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Bendigo Bank is a member of several industry bodies, including: